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12. December 2023

Happy Festive Season

With thanks to all our customers around the world, as we look back on a successful 2023. Here is wishing everyone a safe and happy festive season and hoping for peace and good will as we look forward to an exciting year ahead in 2024! With best wishes from the H+S team to you and […]

With thanks to all our customers around the world, as we look back on a successful 2023. Here is wishing everyone a safe and happy festive season and hoping for peace and good will as we look forward to an exciting year ahead in 2024!

With best wishes from the H+S team to you and your family.

18. October 2023

H+S CE1560 tray former for Cepac Group in UK

We are delighted to report that Cepac Group continues to invest in its business and its people, following confirmation of the successful start-up of a new CE1560-3 tray forming machine.

The new machine, which is one of the larger formats we manufacture, will allow the company to increase its production of microflute corrugated trays, which it markets under the Flutepac brand, from its site in Altham, Lancashire.

The CE1560-3 has three production lanes to allow for higher output of finished cardboard trays. It will also allow Flutepac to produce a greater variety of trays, particularly out-of-home food containers amongst other conical trays.

“With a marked increase in demand for paper-based packaging solutions from the food sector, the addition of this new machine allows us to significantly grow our opportunities to serve customers across the UK,” says Chris Ford, Group Sales & Marketing Director, Cepac Group. “We have seen a lot of enquiries for our Flutepac corrugated trays for a wide range of applications, including sushi and fresh produce to name just a few. The use of special moisture and water barrier coatings, which are 100% recyclable, makes for a compelling reason to use these trays and punnets for foodstuffs, fresh produce and baked goods. The new tray former from H+S is allowing us to significantly increase our capacity at a time when the food sector is under pressure to replace single use plastic packaging.”

9. June 2023

New facility in Atlanta for expansion in the Americas

We are delighted to report that we are in the process of opening a new facility in Forest Park, Atlanta! The new site will act not only as our U.S. base of operation, it will also act as a dedicated demo center, training facility and warehouse for a comprehensive range of spare parts.

The new facility, which will be fully open and operational from July 1, will be the new home of H+S in the Americas. Many of our team from the former location in Cary, IL are moving to the new base of operations.

All enquiries for new equipment or service/training will be handled from the new Atlanta facility. We also continue to work with Best Graphics as an approved Sales Agent for North America for our range of equipment.

This project has taken us some time to complete, and following a little over $1 million in investment, INDUS Holdings once again shows the importance that we place on our customers in the Americas.

In September, we will hosting an Open House event, to which you will receive more information in due course.

The new facility is at 309 Johnson Road, Forest Park, GA. Tel (404) 549-9990.

11. April 2023

H+S CE1000 for Premier Packaging Corp

We recently started up a new CE1000 tray machine at Premier Packaging Corporation in West Henrietta, NY, USA.

Premier is a market leader in providing solutions for paperboard packaging from consumer retail packaging and heavy mailing envelopes, to sophisticated custom and sustainable folding cartons and complex three-dimensional direct to customer packaging solutions. The company, which is a subsidiary of DSS Inc., utilizes a wide array of printing and converting equipment, including a new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 – 7 color with a coater and UV capability, as well as a new Bobst Novacut 106 Blanker and several Bobst folder and gluers.  

The addition of the new CE1000 tray forming machine will allow Premier Packaging to further expand its product portfolio, especially for food-to-go and fresh produce packaging.

”This new CE1000 Tray Former has added an excitement for our employees to learn new skills, while at the same time increasing our ability to better service our customers with structure that we were unable to provide before,” says  Bruce Stratton, VP of Operations for Premier.

“When it comes to tray production or carton nesting, the CE 1000 is a first-class solution in terms of productivity and ease of use,” says Alain Ciclet, Sales Director USA and Canada, Heiber + Schröder. “With the ability to run cartonboard, solidboard and microflute board, it is a machine that gives you the opportunity to create a wide range of products for customers that demand out-of-home food containers for fast food and take away. We are delighted to extend our relationship with the team at Premier Packaging Corp.”

27. April 2022

H+S becomes part of INDUS Holding AG

Stock exchange-listed INDUS Holding AG will take over 100% of the shares in Heiber und Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH (H+S), headquartered in Erkrath, Germany, and its subsidiary Heiber Schroeder USA, Inc., headquartered in Cary, Illinois.

Established in 1985 and employing some 70 people, the medium-sized supplier of special machinery for the cardboard industry plans to generate sales of approx. EUR 28 million in 2021. The H+S Group covers the value chain from machine development to service and serves packaging manufacturers across the globe, primarily in the supply sector for the food and cosmetics industries, but also for the household goods and toys industries. After the acquisition, INDUS will unite 48 subsidiaries under its roof.”


“As the technology leader in tray forming and window patching machines, H+S is a typical hidden champion in a niche segment, which is exactly what we are looking for to strengthen our portfolio,” says Dr. Johannes Schmidt, Chairman of the INDUS Board of Management. “Machines from H+S are used in automated processes in the cardboard industry. H+S incorporates current developments such as the substitution of cardboard for plastics or automated shipment packaging in the mail order business into new machine concepts. It is this innovative strength and the clear focus on markets of the future which convinced us.”


“Together with my two co-partners, we were looking for a new owner for the H+S Group who is able to offer the company and its employees excellent growth prospects,” says Dr. Julius Schröder-Frerkes, the previous owner of H+S. “Global trends such as automation and sustainability promise great growth potential. These market opportunities can now be leveraged by the H+S team together with a strong partner in the background.” Dr. Julius Schröder-Frerkes will remain associated with the company as a consultant. The long-serving managing directors Andre Garmer and Gustavo Adolfo Cuata Mata will stay responsible for the operational management of the H+S Group.


Following the recent acquisitions of JST, WIRUS and the complementary addition of FLACO, the INDUS Group is continuing its growth strategy. “The stability of the non-cyclical food industry has become particularly evident during the pandemic. The acquisition of the H+S Group thus allows us to further strengthen our diversified portfolio,” says Dr. Johannes Schmidt.

24. March 2022

A second CE1000 for Yebo Group!

We recently received an order for a new CE1000 Tray Former from Tustin, California-based The Yebo Group. The new machine, which is being installed in April, is the second CE1000 to be installed at The Yebo Group - the specialist packaging converter took delivery of its first machine in January.  

“We started looking for a new Tray Former to  expand our capabilities back in mid 2021,” explains Andrew Tosh, CEO. “When we took delivery of the first machine in January 2022, we knew it was going to have a good impact on our business, so we had no hesitation in ordering the second machine from H+S. It is great to extend our relationship with them and we have been impressed with the build quality and training on this easy to use machine.”


When it comes to tray production or carton nesting, the CE 1000 is a first class solution in terms of productivity and ease of use. The CE1000 is a machine that gives you the opportunity to create a wide range of products for customers that demand out-of-home food containers for fast food and take away. To get a multi-machine installation at a prestigious company like The Yebo Group is a positive message to the market. There is a clear Trend in the American market, where more and more brand owners and end-users look to migrate away from plastics and turn to carton board packaging solutions which are fully sustainable and easy to recycle; H+S is ready and up to the task to provide best in class service to help our customers accomplish their goals.


13. December 2021

Two Machine Order from MIR Packaging!

We recently secured a two machine order from MIR Packaging, the Hertfordshire, UK-based packaging producer. The two machines are the CE1000-2 carton erector model, which are ideal for running cartonboard bakery trays, conical trays or even sealed trays. The machines will be delivered in the first half of 2022.

When it comes to tray production or carton nesting, the CE1000 is a first class solution in terms of productivity and ease of use. MIR Packaging came to visit our site in Germany and ran trials of some pack types and placed the order very quickly. But what is most interesting about this order is the fact that MIR Packaging are not folding carton converters! They are specialists in the production of XPS boxes for all types of food products. They were looking for ways to create more sustainable packaging solutions for their food-service customer base, so the addition of folding cartons is a strong move for them. With the CE1000-2 equipment, they will rapidly expand into the production of carton-based food packaging, which is sure to allow for significant future growth. We are excited to be working with them.


“Our company has gained an enormous wealth of experience and skills in the food packaging field during its operation over the last decade,” explains Ozgur Nayir, Director, MIR Packaging. “In our factory in Hertfordshire, we have been producing quality XPS boxes and containers for all sectors of the food industry. Our reputation has secured us a customer base that covers the UK as well as Europe. We use the latest technology in our production process and constantly strive to meet our customers’ expectations. Constant innovation is high on our list of priorities as we value your needs, and our dedication to high quality production is achieved by our adherence to high quality standards, so adding the Heiber + Schröder equipment will allow us to offer sustainable, cartonboard packaging to our customers moving forward.”

25. October 2021

Two Machine Order for SoFruPak of Poland

We recently received a two machine order from SoFruPak in Poland. The order includes one CE1000 tray former and one WP Proliner window patcher.

“This is a hugely significant order for us,” explains Gustavo Cuata, CEO. “SoFruPak manufacture innovative packaging solutions for fruit growers who are looking to stand out in the marketplace and those who harvest the highest quality fruit. Back in 2018, they created a 100% biodegradable tray for fruits such as berries, but were outsourcing the packaging production. Then, two years ago, they bought their first tray former from us and continued to enhance the design of their trays and then bought a window patcher so they could offer a complete packaging solution to their growing customer base.”

Gustavo Cuata concludes, “There is no doubt that converters around the world are now fully aware of the need for fully sustainable and recyclable packaging and for SoFruPak, it is no different. They have seen an increased demand from fruit growers in EU who want to move away from plastic punnets and move to cartonboard trays. We are excited to receive the order for two new machines from them, which will be installed in early 2022. This is yet another example of how our machines help our customers achieve better performance, higher quality and of course help to make a better world that uses paper-based packaging products.”

22. September 2021

Schwarzach sticks with Heiber + Schröder

We received a significant order including two of our brand new flange folding machines FFS260 from Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach and look forward to many more years of a mutually profitable relationship.

Ricardo Molina, Sales Director, Heiber + Schröder, has confirmed that long standing customer, Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach GmbH, has placed a significant order for new equipment recently.


Based in the town of Schwarzach, Austria, the folding carton converter has ordered four new machines, including a tray former, a window patcher and two of the brand new flange-folding machines – FFS-260. The four machines are scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2022.


“We are delighted to receive this significant order from Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach, as they already operate five of our tray formers and two window patchers at their facility in Austria,” says Ricardo Molina. “It really is a great pleasure to continue the strong relationship with them and we are delighted that they have ordered two of our new FFS-260 models. We look forward to installing all of these new machines early in 2022.”

31. August 2021

Best Graphics Group for Heiber+Schröder USA

Welcome to the H+S Family! Best Graphics Group and Heiber+Schröder USA signed a new agency agreement for sale and distribution of window patching and tray forming equipment. In this picture: A.J.Brahm, Gustavo Cuata, Dan Brahm, Alain Ciclet (Left to right)

Gustavo Cuata, CEO, Heiber+Schröder GmbH, has confirmed that the company’s subsidiary Heiber+Schröder USA has created a sales network agreement with Best Graphics Group, based in Waukesha, WI, to support the sales efforts in North America.


The agreement, which was implemented in the first week of September, allows Best Graphics to promote and sell the extensive range of H+S tray formers and window patchers to folding carton converters and commercial printers in the U.S.A.


“We have seen a marked growth in demand for our equipment in North America, as consumers have increased their spend on at-home dining and ready meals,” explains Gustavo Cuata. “With the added drive for sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions and the replacement of single use plastics, folding carton converters are under increasing pressure to supply packaging solutions that are efficient and easy to recycle. Our window patchers and tray formers are in growing demand throughout all territories and having A.J. Brahm and his team at Best Graphics helping us with our sales is a positive move.”


Best Graphics will work alongside the efforts of Heiber+Schröder USA, which is based in Cary, IL. “Best Graphics will work hand in hand with our offices in U.S.A. and will also assist with service, training and spare parts where needed,” concludes Gustavo Cuata. “The H+S brand is well established in the North American market and we are excited to have Best Graphics working with us to continue expanding the reach of our business in this important market.”

9. February 2021

100th installation for Heiber+Schröder in India

We are happy to share our growth with Parksons Packaging Limited. With their recent purchase of two Heiber+Schröder window patching and lining machines, Parksons Packaging will be equipped with 10 Heiber+Schröder machines. At the same time, this is the 100th Heiber+Schröder equipment sold in India.

Heiber + Schröder, the established supplier of Tray Forming and Window Patching equipment has recently closed a two-machines-deal with Parksons Packaging Limited in India. The new machines are to be installed in Parksons plants in Sricity and Pantnagar to assist with the production of ‘liner cartons’ (bag in the box) as they are locally called. The two Speedliner machines add to the eight existing Heiber + Schröder units for this client making a total of 10 machines, after their first equipment was installed in 2006.


In India, most of the spices, tea and different types of dairy products are packed within a box containing a flexible tube (paper made for example) which isolates the product and avoid its contact with the environment. The tube is formed, sealed, and then glued to the box in a window patching machine equipped with a tube forming station. The Speedliner is the most popular model on the Indian market.


“India is one of our top three markets. Having sold 100 machines in India means a huge achievement for our company and consolidates our market share in the region. Currently more than 90% of all ‘liner carton’ in India is being produced with our equipment. Moreover, we are happy to share this growth with our appreciated customer,” says Gustavo Cuata, Managing Director, H+S.
“Parksons is about to receive their 10th machine, which means at the same time the symbolic #100 machine sold for us. The Speedliner is without question the most productive liner carton machine on the market, with an output close to 30,000 pieces of ‘liner carton’ per hour, ease of use and a number of technical improvements specifically developed for the Indian market. This model was born with the Indian market in mind and it keeps evolving according to our customer’s needs. Service wise, we work hand by hand with our local agent Bobst India, for a best-in-class customer care and of course efficient sales support.”


Heiber + Schröder equipment has a 100% Germany based production, offering a wide range of carton erecting machines, window patching equipment and automation solutions.

17. December 2020

What a year…

it was a turbulent one for all of us, with great challenges. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you who have gone through 2020 with us.  We wish you and your families a happy holiday season and health, joy, peace and success in the New Year.

23. April 2020

Heiber+Schröder USA @ converters expo 2020

Heiber+Schröder USA is exhibiting at converters expo August 24-25, 2020! Stop by our booth #138 to learn about all the latest developments in tray forming and window patching. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

12. February 2019

Heiber+Schröder USA @ odyssey expo 2019

Heiber+Schröder USA is exhibiting at odyssey expo 2019! Stop by our booth #611 to learn about all the latest developments in tray forming and window patching. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Proliner with V-notch/hot creasing unit and Pick, Square and Place feeder.

22. November 2018

Heiber + Schröder: The combination between productivity and ease of use

As the trade press confirms, the German engineering pioneers at Heiber + Schröder offer a reliable solution for the packaging industry – with three different window patchers. Each of these machines gives the customer a competitive advantage and is therefore an intelligent and sustainable investment. Learn more »


Heiber + Schröder Headquarter Front

3. September 2018

Industriemechaniker m/f/d

We are a medium-sized company in the field of mechanical engineering for cardboard, paper and foil processing with a high export share. Due to our successful and expansive development we are looking for an industrial mechanic m/f/d for our assembly department.