Window Patcher
  • WP master
  • WPS 600
    Window Patching Machine WPS 600
  • WPS-L
    Window Patching Machine WPSL
  • WPS
    Window Patching Machine WPS
  • CE 1000
    Tray forming machine CE 1000
  • CE 1560
    Tray forming machine CE 1560
  • AS 1400

Tray Forming machines CE 1560

Tray Forming machines CE 1560 Tray forming machines CE 1560 – Where maSS ProducTion meeTS PreciSion heiber + schroder machines deliver the ideal combination of perfect tray forming, superb productivity, and unbeatable ease of use. each ce machine gives you the opportunity to create a wide range of products, while our clever optional equipment means you can diversify into specialist markets or produce standard products with even more efficienc. 1 to 6 lane production • up to 54,000 perfectly formed trays every hour glue application using bottom or top mounted glue guns • unlimited flexibility processor controlled blank feeder with teach-in function • quick and easy setup using a single blankplug-in/pull-out fixtowers • shorter changeovers and reduced wasteperfect, servo driven, pusher motion, ready programmed for various tray styles and formats • higher output, better product quality and reduced waste setup data storage